Georgina Bruce is a preciously rare mix of delights. She is a uniquely talented (not to mention award-winning) writer of fiction;  an experienced and enthusiastic teacher (a proper one that just wants to bring out your daring best); and she has a genuine, sparkling love of wordplay and storytelling fun that is evident in her work and her very presence. So there.

Lee Harrison, writer

Georgina Bruce is an award-winning author but she can do what a lot of writers can’t. She can teach. I’ve attended one of her workshops and came away excited to try the new techniques I’d learnt. She’s also critiqued a story for me and her level of craft is enviable. I’ll be signing up for a few of her new workshops myself.

Priya Sharma, writer

“Georgina Bruce is more than a gifted writer, she is an intuitive, inspirational instructor. Having attended one of her writing workshops, I came away with a poem based on striking out existing text, a roadmap to challenge perceptions using different scenarios, and, most excitingly, a set of insights into how to expand my story universes…Highly recommended.”

Tracy Fahey, author and academic

Not only is Georgina an accomplished and award-winning author in her own right, she’s also a keen-eyed and generous critiquer. From word and sentence level edits all the way up to tips on character development, plot, and structure, I’ve sold more than one story on the back of George’s advice. If you can get a slot in one of her workshops, I suggest you do so!

Henry Szabranski, writer

I got a great deal out of Georgina’s workshop – it was fun and interesting, plus I came away with lots of ideas on which to build my work. Most of all, however, Georgina’s calm and confident delivery served to give me confidence, and I am still benefitting from that months later.

Chloe Yates, writer

Georgina is an immensely talented writer and teacher. If you’re looking for someone to help you elevate your craft to the next level, then look no further than Georgina’s story school. You won’t regret it!

Rebccca Sloan, entrepreneur

George gives insightful and valuable feedback on your writing, helping you draw out themes and ideas from your text that you might not have realised before. She’s not afraid to ask questions and challenge – in kind and encouraging ways – to help you become a better writer.

Marie Kreft, travel writer and novelist

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