Writing is for everyone

About the school: The Story School makes high-quality writing tuition available to every writer. The classes and workshops are inspiring, practical, and packed with information, while allowing space for you to explore new ideas and elements of craft, and get honest and helpful feedback on your work in progress.

About your teacher: I’m a writer, and a teacher with over twenty-five years’ experience of delivering classes, courses and workshops in creative writing, non-fiction writing, screenwriting, public speaking, editing and more. I’m in my element when working with creative people, exploring the mysteries of language, craftsmanship, and story. I love teaching and always do my best to make it fun!

About you: You don’t need any qualifications to join The Story School. Feel free to book a class or workshop (or two!) if you like the sound of it. Or, if you’d like to find out more about which class or workshop might be suitable for you, send me an email. And sign up below for my occasional newsletter, so you get to hear about new courses and classes as soon as they open for booking.

About this website: the gorgeous images in the banner and elsewhere are taken from Vince Haig‘s illustrations of some of my previously published stories, and are used here with his kind permission. If you’re looking for a book designer (or you just love beautiful design) check out his award-winning genius.

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